Jean Luc, a famous photographer who was the first person to take PirateEye as a tool for his UAV
photoshooting job. He is also the first person who took UAV as a real time video shooting for Olympic Games
which was held in Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2014.
Here Jean Luc in Africa. 


"You can't forget it once you tried one time." Jean Luc said.
Since 2011, PirateEye became his necessary tool for each project he took.


Jean Luc in Africa. 

So wonderful view. Luckily I catch them perfectly and timely!   - Photo by Jean Luc.


Yes, I didn't loose the moment!       - Photo by Jean Luc. 


With PirateEye, you owned your bird-eye flying in the sky with standing on the ground.    -  Photo by Jean Luc. 

PiratEye makes me get free from the continues monitoring job on UAV activities.
I can control my UAV safely now.    - Photo by Jean Luc


I love my Job. More the world becomes under my eyes, more I feel I am so small.    - Photo by Jean Luc